You’ll find the detailed guide for transitioning on the packaging 👍

We recommend replacing a 1/4 of their normal feed with ours over the next 2 weeks, gradually increasing the ratio with each feed till it’s completely PFA! 🌿

Feeding Guide:

Noticed an increase in gas?

It is common for fur-babies to experience an increase in gas for the first 1-2 weeks during the transitional phase. As our formula is natural and higher in fiber compared to most brands it is common for the gas to be a sign of the fiber cleaning out any nasties left in the system from their previous diet. You should find after 2 weeks and once they are fully transitioned that their tummies will settle down 🐶

Experiencing diarrhea?

If the diarrhea is bad to severe, we recommend transitioning at half the speed/rate you currently are for a more eased-in approach to introducing new foods to your fur-baby.

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